NAGOMI Global Vision

Discovering Japan's culture of "nature, history, and art"
and pursuing "fun," "richness," and "beauty."
And we will expand to the world.

Kaneshige Matsukawa
- Kaneshige Matsukawa -
Chairman and Representative Director of FRONT Co., Ltd.


Bringing “iron” products into your daily life

"Mastering the beauty of iron" Bringing structural materials into the world of beauty

It is said that iron entered people’s lives in the B.C. Iron, which was at the center of the industrial revolution, has supported people’s lives for centuries.
Among them, there is a material called “weathering steel”. This material has been used in many buildings and bridge piers because it does not corrode even if the surface becomes rusty.
Our company continues to explore the possibilities of this material and take on challenges from the perspective of “beauty.”

Iron in harmony with nature "Artsteel"

An innovative finish that controls the color and pattern of rust.
Delicate texture created by hand polishing.
Without losing the natural texture unique to steel, we have gained expressive power that stimulates the user’s imagination.
“Artsteel” is currently being used in a wide range of applications from architecture to products and furniture. We develop products that preserve the texture and color of the material and make it an everyday material.

Why “iron”?

90% of the earth's core is made of iron

90% of the elements in the Earth’s core are iron. Iron, which corrodes over time, is the very evolution and reduction that returns to the earth. It is rugged and heavy, and if left alone it will rust and decay.
However, I think people love this “iron taste” and find it comforting.

Iron is a permanent material Is it the ultimate SDG’s?

Speaking only of the material of iron, iron is processed by adding heat to elements that exist in the earth, and after use, it corrodes very slowly and is returned to the earth.
Even when considering recycling, it can be refined at a lower cost and with less energy than aluminum, which requires a large amount of electricity to refine (remove impurities from ore and extract metal).
In addition, in these days when people are shouting about the pollution of the oceans by microplastics, why not take a look back at the origins of humans and take a look at the iron that played an active role in the era when humans coexisted with the earth?

Designs woven by nature are gifts from the earth

Commitment for half a century since the company's founding.
Bringing unique iron products carefully finished by craftsmen into your daily life

Weathering steel. This steel material has the excellent property of effectively stopping the progression of corrosion, and develops a unique texture when exposed to the wind and rain over many years. At the time of our founding, we focused on the characteristics of this weather-resistant steel and began development with the aim of commercializing it by hand to create a stately and dignified feel that would mature over time.
For half a century, we have conducted various experiments to suppress the initial rust and keep the changing expressions gradual, and have pursued an expression that is in harmony with nature. The beauty of iron itself changing has been recreated as a traditional Japanese beauty.